Esco… Raise the Bar


Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Model

Pablo… Esco… Raise the Bar

Pablo hails from West Kingston , Jamaica.

He is a community focused individual, and a supportive, respectable and well rounded individual, despite his young age.

He’s an accomplished music producer, entrepreneur, footballer, amongst other things.

He’s co-founder of One Time Music an independent music collective that has produced music for Squash and Law Boss from the 6ixx and Kabaka Pyramid.

He is also a close friend and associate of up coming artist Bakersteez and has worked with him on some of his recent music videos.

He runs his own grocery store in Kingston and in his spare time enjoys competitive and recreational football.

Pablo is a key member of the SneakersPR crew and has recently been involved in photo shoots for Puma, Alife and Tealer.

A hardworking team member who always plays his role in bringing projects to life from start to finish.

Jamaica STAND UP!