Furio Sab

Sabrina K

Content creator, Model, Writer, Matching Queen

Who is Sabrina? Good question.

Someone who has already had multiple lives as she would put it herself.

She has worked as a financial analyst in a bank, she used to ride motorbikes, and was a model in her younger years. She currently works as an independent project manager, content creator and still models.

Born and raised in the Banlieue Parisienne with a strong connection to Paris, Sabrina has strong cultural roots in France and her country of origin; Morocco. Always armed with an open mind she moves with ease in and out of different countries and communities.  

Her love for sneakers began in the early 2000s with the well-known Nike Air Max Plus, aka « La Requin », aka the TN. That love has continued to the present day and her feet stay firmly in Nikes, most of the time…

But what is a pair of shoes without a matching outfit? That’s the vibe and the mentality.  Sabrina, now known as the Matching Queen, would answer: nothing. Never not matching, that’s the mentality.

Passion for fashion, but not so much for the industry one that she believes needs to change.

Music is another big passion so just hold tight as you’re gonna see Sabrina making some music moves very soon…

Another very welcome member of our growing team, remember the name, and the matching….