Jaune Gorgon

Chris Chang

The Word on the Feet, Cultural Expert, Content Creator, Don.

Don Gorgon

Chris is a cultural expert, runs Sneaker Platform The Word on the Feet and is an all around Don Gorgon, google that one. With a strong eye for trends past, present and future he is also another of the OG’s on the team. 98s in 98 and all of that!

Chris does amazing work all around the globe and is part of the global network that features here at SneakersPR. He has worked on concepts for Nike, Puma, Diadora, Alife, to name just a few.

He is actively working on projects that bring together the worlds of fashion, music, art, film and human rights to tell powerful and accurate stories of community and culture.

Community is always a focus and he is very active in global projects, including initiatives to provide sneakers to those in need across the globe.

Family and community orientated, upliftment is a strong focus for Chris, as is education, each one teach one…

Catch Chris here, there and somewhere with fly kicks, kicking down the door…