Ricky 6ixx

Ricky Pang-Chen

Entrepreneur, Stylist, Content Creator

Rick Flair…

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Ricky is a local fashion-entrepreneur, co-owner of Sabali Records record label and co-owner of Vanity Swim, Vanito Designs, and Kingston JA Travels.

His unique style is at the intersection of urban and high fashion.

Ricky’s creative talents also include music, where he helps to run an upcoming record label and manages upcoming youth talent. With strong roots in Kingston, Jamaica, his mission is to inspire change and cultivate opportunities for those that are disadvantaged.

From a tender age, Ricky has always been inspired by fashion. His inspirations stem from his older brother, and from other close family members and friends. There are many style inspirations for Ricky and his own personal style is inspired what he sees in his local environment but further afield in Europe and Africa also.

Coming from humble beginnings has fuelled his creativity.  He enjoys just creating unique outfits with the limited options he has, but always makes it work in an original way.

Often unimpressed by the fashion industry’s offerings, he has started to create his own unique pieces so watch the space for his own creations coming soon.

Ricky has worked with brands such as Puma and Alife, and his hope is to journey through the world of fashion, creating and helping others to create. This is just the beginning.

Ricky has also been involved in a number of music videos with artists such as Vybz Kartel, Squash, Chronic Law, Bakersteez, Tiana and Lanae to name a few.

Big tings ahead for Ricky and we welcome him to the Sneakers PR team.