Selecta Bisso

Fabrice Le Goff

Content Creator, Photographer, Selector, Badman

Selecta Bisso… more FIYAH!

Fabrice Le Goff aka Bisso aka Selecta Bisso aka Bisso Badman.

Bisso’s passion for sneakers started at the age of 10 in his native Guadeloupe thanks to the first TV show about Hip-Hop called HIPHOP (1st French rap show in the world, dating way back to 1984).

When Bisso first saw a breakdancer wearing a pair of adidas Americana his love for sneakers was born, and he copped the same pair.

Over the years, sneakers have been a part of his everyday life, in his day to day or when in “Street Life” mode. Music, sport, fashion, art … have been important factors when it comes to the choice of sneakers he rocks on a daily basis.

Whether at a festival or playing out with his own sound system, on skateboards or a mountain bike, in the city or in the countryside, StreetBall or football, sneakers have always been a major part of his culture.

Around 2010 Bisso starting easing up on his music moves as a sound system selector to give him more time to focus on his sneaker related work. Bisso created his IG
around 2012/2013 just taking photos with his phone of sneakers and everything else he was into, until he was able to transform that into something more serious, professional.

Bisso created the @Asics_addict IG in 2015 and took control of the @diadoradaily and @trocsneakers accounts thereafter.

In 2017, Bisso created a blog dedicated to sneakers and fashion drawing interest from the heads all across the globe.

Bisso’s work now allows him to travel, meet fellow enthusiasts to discuss all things sneakers and to play his role in the evolution of the sneaker game…