Street Historian

Miaous B

Photographer, Visual Expert, Street Historian

Miaous to the B

Another force from the Parisian Banlieue. Miaous had a strong passion for fashion and visual arts.

An incredibly talented photographer he has built his name with such reputable agencies as Black Rainbow in Paris.

The eye is everything and Miaous sees something powerful in every subject, every scene, and captures that on camera. With incredible work that stretches from urban art to covering the Fashion Week movers and shakers or working with brands such as BAPE, Nike and Puma to name just a few.

Humble, respectful but a real FORCE.

Always on the move, he is always just where he needs to be, whether that’s on set with up and coming musicians or at some of the most prestigious spaces catching Kanye, Kim or Travis in his lens.

His photos will truly strike your soul as he opens windows that show both happiness and sadness. Work that stands too as a protest against everything that needs fixing in our society.

His photographs have featured in publications, on all your favourite blogs and in academic institutions around the world.

Community focused, Miaous understands his responsibility to uplift his people and open doors for others wherever and whenever he can.

Another heavy hitter on the SneakersPR team there is much much more to come from Miaous, watch this space.