Supa C

Carrlean Chang

Writer, Concept and Content Creator, Bad Mama Jama

Supa C…

A South Londoner with strong roots in Jamaica, Carrlean is another member of the team who brings her knowledge and experience to the editorial content and Sneakers PR concepts.

Passionate about sneakers, fashion and popular culture from way back when Carrlean was setting trends way before your favourite influencer!

Carrlean brings that knowledge to the exciting projects that we have happening in the Sneakers PR house.

And don’t get it twisted she loves the kicks from way back when too!

Carrlean is a writer and poet in her own right, a mother, and in addition, does incredible work on the frontline for the National Health Service (NHS) in London, UK.

One of the writers from sneakers blog The Word on the Feet, Carrlean has also been involved in global charity initiatives to provide sneakers and clothing to those in need .

Despite her busy life she is the first to pack up her car and get busy to help those in need and has also spoken publicly about her charity work and featured in the Sole Seekers film. 

The Words in many of The Word on the Feet articles and always putting in the work behind the scenes, there is much more coming…

Another heavy hitter on the team, you will be seeing more of Carrlean…