To the Max Poe

Max Poe

Writer, Content Creator, Cultural Historian

Max Poe… the Sole in JA

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Max is a passionate lover of streetwear, music and sneakers.

Well known for his love of sneakers, the materials and technology and possesses expansive product knowledge. He openly credits The Athlete’s Foot as where it all started. He enjoyed learning about sneakers and continues to soak up all sneaker or apparel related info from all brands. In fact he insists on it as he knows it’s a vast and constantly evolving industry.

Via this knowledge he has gained respect amongst his peers in the entertainment industry, especially those who represent hip hop music on the island.

He has also worked in and around different recording studios over the years in addition to traditional brick and mortar sneaker stores. This has seen him become a go to for artists have have a love for footwear that exceeds mere aesthetics.

Max acknowledges the relationship between fashion and music and how that can influence entire cultures and is intent on highlighting his home country as a hub and inspiration for collaborations both via music, apparel and footwear.

He has been involved in recent work with Puma and also Parisian streetwear brand Tealer.

Max still loves to source sneakers and apparel and intends to enter the realm of styling artistes and personal shopping on special request for existing clients. He also curates a page on Instagram @ja_gotsole that highlights Jamaicans and people of Caribbean descent with a focus on apparel and of course more importantly sneakers.