Vanessa to the C…

Vanessa Castillejo

Agency Owner, Content Creator, Brand Advisor, DJ

Vanessa to the C

Spanish born, based in Madrid, Vanessa has been working in the fashion business since she was 18 years old, getting into the industry initially as a very successful, full time model, and later, as a result of her genuine love of fashion and the culture connected to fashion, working in several different aspects of the industry.

From being a store owner, brand founder and designer to now doing what she loves most in the fashion business; communication and marketing. A simple formula but one that is not often done; listening to people and connecting them with the right brands.

Vanessa is also a DJ and a music lover which a broad knowledge of music from way back up until the present day. So you can catch her on the decks too somewhere across the globe very soon. Check out some of her mixes HERE

Vanessa is a key part of the SneakersPR team but also make sure you check out her website Oil Agency and hit her Insta too.